Pindiites worried about scarcity of water

The last few years have seen water provision in Rawalpindi rise to the top of the news agenda like never before.
The city life has its strains, predicament, shocks, and tight spots, some more thrilling than others.
“It’s a sad fact of Pindites’ life that they must worry about the scarcity of something as essential as water.
I’m sitting on a Sunday morning, drinking a cup of tea my uncle made at home with bottled water.
Because of a waterline burst near Faisal Town,” says Murad Hasan from the area.
Let me narrate to you another tale of my enduring fifteen days of living without running water and getting trapped in an almost waterless situation.
“If we take an access to water particularly safe drinking water, as truly a matter of life or death, then clothes don’t really need to be washed so often.
My clothes still smell and look fine.
“I also did not need as much water in the kitchen as I initially thought.
Heck, they are so good they don’t even provide bowsers except to the influential guys,” adds Waqar.

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