Pinehurst water issues beginning to improve

Pinehurst water issues beginning to improve.
Some good news out of Pinehurst as Pinehurst Water District (PWD) chairman Bruce Rumpel announced that as of April 7, all of the residents in Pinehurst who were without water due to frozen pipes now have running water.
However, this winters freezing has left its scars on the system.
PWD has identified three broken water lines that the city will need to fix once the ground is completely thawed.
The declaration of emergency is required for the PWD to be eligible for available grant funding.
To keep the city eligible, the BOCC essentially set up an auto-renewal process so that Pinehurst could stay in the state of emergency while the grant monies are being sought and distributed.
“If we start digging now, we are going to break lines that currently aren’t broken due to the heavy frost,” PWD chairman Bruce Rumple said during a previous meeting.
“No we have not heard anything from the Idaho Department of Commerce or the USDA,” Rumpel said, “they said it could be a couple of weeks so by the end of next week like April 13 or 14 we hopefully will hear something.” Dan Remmick, an engineer with Century West Engineering was also at the open forum to discuss the details of the project.
“We will begin design work once the grant funds become available and we try to expedite that so we can get it out for bid.” Mabile’s proposals feature a project that would open for bid in April, actual work being done in May, and have it finished by the end of June.
This week, Rumpel and representatives will begin visiting every home and business that was affected to see if there were any additional problems caused by this crisis that they can address either right then and there, or when the work begins next month.

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