Plastic in bottled water, brands in troubled waters?

The study indicated that the contamination was partly the result of plastic packaging, and partly the fault of the bottling process.
“Bottled water brands are packaged in plastic PET bottles.
This new report adds dimensions which need to be clarified.
If they do not do this, there is psychological damage that can be deep and counter-productive to brand intent,” he added.
The study was carried out on more than 250 water bottles sourced from 11 brands in nine countries, including India.
Brands tested included Aqua (Danone), Aquafina (PepsiCo), Bisleri (Bisleri International), Dasani (Coca-Cola), Epura (PepsiCo), Evian (Danone), Gerolsteiner (Gerolsteiner Brunnen), Minalba (Grupo Edson Queiroz), Nestlé Pure Life (Nestlé), San Pellegrino (Nestlé), and Wahaha (Hangzhou Wahaha Group).
When approached, most brands vouched for the safety process that their water goes through but did not touch upon the bottle themselves being an issue.
We stand by the safety of our products, and welcome continued study of plastics in our environment.
We are interested in being part of any serious scientific research into micro-plastics.
All Bisleri production facilities have their own quality testing labs that ensure that every Bisleri product is made as per guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and WHO (World Health Organization) We are currently investigating this issue.

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