Please Stand Up for Clean Water Now!

The Environmental Protection Agency implements the Clean Water Act, the Nation’s primary tool to prevent pollution of our waterways and to clean up ones that are too polluted.
Unfortunately, at the direction of President Trump and longtime EPA opponent/current EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, EPA hatched a scheme to roll back clean water safeguards and other environmental rules.
To the contrary, clean water and other environmental and public health rules deliver huge benefits to Americans.
It’s sad and maddening that the Trump administration needs to be reminded of this fact, but they do, because they seem hellbent on attacking public safeguards despite their benefits and despite the strong public support for environmental rules.
On behalf of NRDC’s more than two million members and supporters, please end this attack on public protections.
But that value is there every day, as we use water for drinking, irrigation, and industrial supply, to say nothing of swimming, fishing and boating.
EPA rules under the Act provide significant benefits.
While polluting industries have deregulatory wish lists handy, citizens can’t meaningfully participate.
EPA allowed only four-and-a-half weeks for public input on the value of all the agency safeguards adopted in its 46-year-plus history, and today’s session allows only a few of us to very briefly address agency staff.
Americans strongly support protections for clean water and did not vote to make it easier to foul the nation’s waterways.

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