Police: Person who contaminated water could face attempted homicide charges

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The water supply for an entire community is contaminated after police say vandals dumped chemicals into the water supply of a private mobile home park.
"It was just black," said Jessica Anderson, who lives in Pine View Manor in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County.
Anderson woke up her fiance, William Greenawalt, who is also the park manager.
"The door was busted," said Greenawalt.
Greenawalt says this is the second time this has happened in two weeks and that the 33 trailers in the park were already under a boil water advisory.
A water buffalo from Westmoreland County Public Safety remained at the entrance to the park Monday.
Pine View Manor is working on the long term solution since putting up a warning sign didn’t work.
A surveillance camera near the water supply was inoperable at the time of the vandalism anyway, and police said the person who contaminated the water further damaged the camera.
Officials say the contamination only affects Pine View Manor and not surrounding communities.
Trooper Stephen Limani said that the person responsible for the contamination could face an attempted homicide charge for each park resident if test results show a potentially lethal chemical was put in the water.

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