Polluted Water Popsicles: Sewage-filled popsicles raise awareness of water pollution

Polluted Water Popsicles: Sewage-filled popsicles raise awareness of water pollution.
Awareness raising about water pollution and waste has taken on a new campaigning technique in the form of frozen popsicles comprising of sewage from Taiwan.
With its bright coloured wrappers, each numbered and with a specific name, the popsicles look like any other popsicle.
Look carefully at the wrapper and each popsicle states a “flavour” which in fact is based on the locale of the water sample used to create the popsicle – “Yang-tzu-chou Drainage,” “The Large Ditch in Tianwei,” and “New Huwei Creek”.
Rip open the packaging and the popsicles tell a different story, one that is most certainly not-fit-for-consumption.
They then froze their samples – which included plastic wrappers, bamboo chopsticks, bottle caps as well as polluted waters – and preserved them in a polyester resin.
While popsicles mainly constitute water, the students decided to create the Polluted Water Popsicles to raise awareness of Taiwan’s water-pollution problem, and to emphasise the importance of clean water.
One of the students involved in the project, Hung I-chen, told Mashable: “They’re made out of sewage, so basically these things can only be seen, not eaten.
Hung I-chen said: “People thought the concept was cool, but were also simultaneously disgusted when they saw what each popsicle was made of.” Rosalind Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief.
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