Pollution scare in Kajang

A BUFFALO ranch in Kampung Sungai Kembung, Kajang, is feeling the heat from authorities and villagers for allegedly discharging livestock sewage into the Beranang River.
But after a second round of tests, Luas senior assistant director Nor Zamri Sondor confirmed the current levels of ammonia flowing from the pond had been diluted and would not affect water quality.
Alerted to the post by Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry (KeTTHA), StarMetro visited the area and found two vegetable farms as well as a sand-mining operation in the same area as the buffalo farm.
But since June 2016, it has issued no less than five notices to the buffalo ranch.
This illegal dumpsite was found along the bank of Beranang River.
Though authorities assured him water from the Beranang River was safe, he was still hopeful something could be done about the dung smell emanating from the ranch.
“The buffalo farm workers take the buffaloes out to graze.
Farm co-owner Datuk Abdul Astiaq Khan, who met StarMetro at the site, said the farm hoped to rectify the livestock effluent problem within two months.
“The ranch houses up to 1,200 buffaloes now and have been operating without a hitch for the past 18 years.
If the farm owner does not comply with Luas’ order to stop the release of effluents into the river, it will face legal action.

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