Prince George-Valemount candidates face off on environment, healthcare

Prince George-Valemount candidates face off on environment, healthcare.
Healthcare, Site C and education sparked debate at the all-candidate’s forum at UNBC last night.
Prince George-Valemount provincial candidates discussed and disputed various issues drawing big reactions from a good crowd and from each other as they confronted questions in areas including: natural resources, indigenous peoples, economic growth, healthcare, education infrastructure and small business.
The three candidates, Liberal Shirley Bond, Natalie Fletcher representing the NDP party and Green party candidate, Nan Kendy took to the stage for the debate as an eager audience waiting to hear what representative’s of B.C.
But with the Liberal’s Rural Economic Strategy, Bond feels the province is well on it’s way but more work needs to be done.
For Nan Kendy, learning how to live within the earth’s limits, valuing what’s important in areas of human justice including health, well-being, freedom and bringing democracy back into the system is what should matter most.
Fletcher who works in the healthcare system, continues to advocate for funding of public services especially for those living in northern B.C.
In terms of economic growth, Bond says the current Liberal government is continuing to encourage economic development where people choose to invest in B.C.
This isn’t enough," Kendy said.
As for education, Kendy says that the Green party is dedicated to providing education from infancy to adulthood.

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