Problem of groundwater contamination with arsenic a national issue

Institution of Public Health Engineers, India & Arsenic Task Force organised a One Day Consultation on"Dwindling Fresh Water Resources And Challenges Of Fluoride And Arsenic Mitigation Of GroundWater : Role Of Innovative Technology" in collaboration with Lehigh University, USA in Kolkata today.
The arsenic removal plants constricted under various programmes are facing serious problems of operation maintenance and management.
Epidemiological studies have been conducted in West Bengal, sponsoredby the Task Force and supported by PHED/UNICEF.
of frontline industries dealing with water and waste water treatment particularly Arsenic & Fluoride removal, showcased their technologies.
The mitigation strategies against arsenic and fluoride contamination of groundwater were also discussed.
Delivering the keynote address, Prof. Arup K Sengupta, Professor, Lehigh University, USA said, "The problem of water contaminated with arsenic is a highly serious issue.
To combat this problem, we must look at alternative sources of water for villages and districts where the arsenic level is high.
Despite the crisis, groundwater contamination either by arsenic or other pollutants like fluorides does not get the attention it deserves, it can only be countered by technological solutions, alternate sources of water and cooperation between various government and non-government bodies.
On the other hand, mega piped water schemes fed from arsenic free surface water sources (mostly the Ganges) are facing the problem of public vandalism, ” he added. ”
The lack of awareness is most unfortunate, people need to be made aware on water quality and alternative sources of water..

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