Proposal calls for city to buy Paw Paw Country Club, lease it to investor group

Resident Ronny Maxwell’s proposal would reopen the course as the Bamberg County Golf and Sport Club, with the club leasing the property from the city.
Maxwell proposed the city borrow $325,000 from the Bamberg Board of Public Works, with the investors making monthly payments amortized over 20 years as part of the lease agreement.
The plan is to reopen the course and operate it, along with a fully functioning pro shop, lunch grill and a restaurant that would be open on the weekends.
The analysis projected the course could be operated as a going concern as well as acting as an economic development driver for the community.
The proposal included membership levels, with Maxwell indicating there are currently approximately 50 individuals willing to put up $1,000 each as "founders."
Maxwell said interest had been expressed by the Hootie and the Blowfish Foundation once the course is up and running.
Based on the advice from two different fire equipment service providers in South Carolina, the council has opted to take the engine out of service.
Fire Chief Timmie Taylor provided council with information from the National Fire Prevention Association standards regarding refurbishing fire apparatus, which states in part that “apparatus that were not manufactured to the applicable NFPA fire apparatus standards or that are over 25 years old should be replaced.” Taylor and Engineer Steve Barton provided council with a clarification regarding the specifications for a "custom" fire engine chassis as opposed to a "commercial" chassis.
Fire Commissioner Rosetta Draper asked that the information packet which included the recommendation that the first-out engine be taken out of service be attached to the meeting minutes.
Bobbi Bunch will take over as sanitation commissioner from Leslie Hayes, who will retain the Chamber of Commerce and take over licensing from Bunch.

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