Protecting the environment – pollution

Protecting the environment – pollution.
We will conclude by looking at some general aspects of environmental law that impact daily life and the role of government agencies tasked with implementing environmental laws.
Rights: MIRIAM TOSE MAJOME The law The Environmental Management Act (Chapter 20:27) provides for the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation, the preparation of an environmental plan and other plans for the management and protection of the environment and the establishment of the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).
Examples are EMA, Radiation Protection Authority and the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.
It works with local authorities in the implementation of their local environmental action plans.
EMA is one of the better-known and active government agencies and is more visible in some sectors more than others.
It is residents themselves who litter and spoil the environment.
The law imposes everyone with a duty to preserve and protect the environment.
Councils always find excuses such as lack of resources to that hinder them from collecting litter.
There are many urban areas that simply do not have waste collection services.

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