Provincial Taihu Lake Water Pollution Prevention Committee held the eleventh all (expanded) teleconference

Provincial Taihu Lake Water Pollution Prevention Committee held the eleventh all (expanded) teleconference.
April 21, the provincial Taihu Lake Water Pollution Prevention Committee held the eleventh all (to expand the TV and telephone conference, review and summarize the 2016 provincial Taihu Lake governance work, research and deployment of this year’s key tasks.
Provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang made instructions, Governor Shi Taifeng speech .
Li Qiang pointed out in the instructions that the Taihu Lake is the landmark project of the province’s ecological civilization construction and major livelihood projects.Through years of efforts, the Taihu Lake Basin has achieved positive results for nine consecutive years to achieve the ‘but also to ensure that the water quality is still not Stability, the outbreak of blue algae and the occurrence of lake floods have not yet been eliminated, some localities and departments have also appeared in the idea of relaxation, the tendency to work loose.Currently, Taihu Lake governance is in the crucial point, not into the critical stage, we must insist The goal is not relaxed, thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision-making arrangements, in accordance with the provincial government Taihu Lake governance special meeting deployment requirements, the rule too on the construction of ecological civilization more prominent position, and effectively strengthen the ‘river system’ management, Pollution, water diversion, dredging dredging, cyanobacteria salvage, ecological restoration and other governance measures, perseverance, accurate and effective management of the Taihu Lake at all levels of party committees and governments to fulfill their duties, the main responsible comrades to bear the total responsibility , personally, and levels of goals, step by step compaction responsibility, innovation management mechanism, strict supervision and examination, drive continuous improvement in water quality of Taihu Lake, the ecological environment continued good And improve to get a sense of the people, and make greater contributions to promoting the ‘two gather a high’ practice, with outstanding achievements to greet the big victory party was held nineteen.
Shi Taifeng said in his speech, our province since last year, conscientiously implement the central environmental protection inspectors rectification opinions and the provincial party committee of the deployment, in-depth water pollution control, to achieve a new round of Taihu Lake governance a good start.But also see the current watershed water quality Improve the difficulty of more and more, the ecological environment dilemma to be a breakthrough in the governance too work into the phase of the stalemate, we must conscientiously implement the provincial Taihu Lake comprehensive management of the spirit of the conference, in accordance with the province ‘263’ special action meeting , To talk about politics, the overall situation, closely around the goal of governance this year, with a high degree of vigilance and consciously do a good job of the key work to ‘two to ensure’ as the primary task, from now on do a good job emergency prevention and control work To control the phosphorus nitrogen as the main direction, from the source to further improve the governance is too accurate.To small watershed remediation as an effective carrier, conscientiously implement the new ‘river system’, and effectively reduce the total amount of pollutants into the lake to ecological restoration is important Measures to speed up the construction of ecological protection circle around the lake at all levels and departments should conscientiously perform their duties, establish and improve the policy and measures, comprehensive use of a variety of law enforcement supervision means to promote, and strive to Taihu Lake water quality continuous improvement Scientific development certificate in southern Jiangsu, the actual transformation of the fruits of development.
Vice Governor Zhang Jinghua presided over the meeting, the provincial government secretary-general Wang Qi attended the meeting.There are all members of the provincial Taihu Lake Water Pollution Prevention Committee in the main venue, the five cities in southern Jiangsu comrades in the sub-venue to participate in the meeting.
Before the meeting, members of the provincial government and relevant units of Taihu Lake water pollution control this year signed letters of responsibility. Top News, Latest News and Current News from
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Traditional Chinese: 省太湖水汙染防治委員會召開第十一次全體(擴大)電視電話會議

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