Pudhuyeri remains dry even after heavy rain

Pudhuyeri remains dry even after heavy rain.
Despite various parts of the district experiencing widespread rainfall for the past few days, bringing much cheer to the farming community, the Pudhuyeri at the foothills of Yercaud continues to remain dry due to meagre inflow.
Yercaud has been experiencing heavy rain.
The rain water from the Yercaud hills flows down to Pudhuyeri.
The presence of water in the lake enabled in improving the ground water level and also in the borewells and open wells in the vicinity of the lake.
There is some water in the lake, which was the result of the rainfall received by Kannankurichi area.
The local farmers complain that Pudhuyeri did not receive any inflow from the hills so far mainly due to the encroachments in the channel which leading to the lake.
The farmers said that the rainwater from the hills first reached Pudhuyeri, and later to sprawling Mookaneri.
When Mookaneri overflows, the surplus water flows into Tirumanimuthar river.
They pleaded with the authorities to ensure flow of adequate rainwater of Yercaud hills into Pudhuyeri to ensure cultivation activities at least this season.

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