Pumping for answers: Holliston mothers push for answers on drinking water

“The more people I talked to, the more people we found who had weird or unexplained medical (issues),” Denehy said, “especially kids.” By the time Tessa had been diagnosed with autism and epilepsy, Denehy found a group of mothers whose children had chromosome 18 disorders.
“Very shallow ones, like the one in Holliston, are of particular concern.” They often have high levels of contaminants to start with, she pointed out.
“We’re concerned particularly about drinking water,” Clark University researcher Timothy J. Downs said.
“What people are posting on Facebook is very real to us.” The Boston University and Clark University joint study also included photos by Holliston residents of brown water.
Though this month’s study focuses on Holliston, manganese is a problem across New England, especially in shallow aquifers that are overworked.
When, I don’t know.” Henn and Downs said they question the state and federal standards.
I would question that.” Many cities and towns in MetroWest – including Holliston and Bellingham – are already filtering out manganese.
“Nothing’s a problem until it’s a problem,” Denehy said.
“I just wonder if it will be the same thing with manganese.” She doesn’t know if manganese caused her daughter’s autism, epilepsy, and missing kidney.
She doesn’t even know if the health issues and birth defects she’s noticed locally throughout the years have anything to do with the drinking water.

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