PWSA lifts water advisory for Lawrenceville

Updated 50 minutes ago Lawrenceville residents no longer have to boil their water, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer authority said.
PWSA Sunday afternoon lifted a boil water advisory that was issued last week for a section of Lawrenceville.
Two rounds of water testing confirmed that no contamination entered the system following a water main break on Friday that required draining of a 20-inch main.
Low water pressure creates a risk of contaminants entering the water system, according to PWSA.
“We take the decision to issue flush and boil water advisories very seriously,” Robert Weimar, PWSA’s interim executive director, said.
“Although it poses a temporary inconvenience, PWSA has a duty to prioritize the health and safety of our customers.” The advisory impacted about 900 customers between 39th and 45th streets and adjacent streets.
The authority recommended that customers using water for a first time in several days run it for at least one minute before using it for cooking or drinking.
PWSA warned that water main breaks would continue throughout winter months.
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