Questions arise after Tyco reveals contaminated well results Tuesday

PESHTIGO, Wis. (WBAY) — It was question after question at Tuesday night’s meeting in Peshtigo, as people demanded answers after some of their groundwater wells tested positive for contamination.
Tyco Fire Protection Products, a manufacturer of fire-fighting foam, says it is investigating the possibility that some of its compounds made it into nearby drinking water.
John Perkins, the executive director of Environmental Health and Safety for Tyco Fire Products, said the company was first made aware of some contamination on their own fire training center test site a few years ago.
“We we found it in groundwater at our facility a few year ago and we followed up with that to look off site over the last two years,” said Perkins.
In December, people received a letter from Tyco asking for permission to test his well.
At a public meeting Tuesday night, Tyco told the public what they found in the wells.
Perkins said they are working with those directly impacted and are looking at installing a water treatment center in their homes, free of charge.
The DNR won’t be the only ones keeping a close eye on Tyco, some people of Peshtigo say they will too because they still have more questions that need to be answered.
Perkins said this is just the beginning of the investigation.
He said more testing and retesting will be done in the coming weeks to, “ensure we have safe drinking water provided for the community we operate in.” If you are looking for more information about the water contamination, here are a few of the websites provided at the meeting with Tyco Tuesday night.

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