RBL Bank Pledges Clean Drinking Water And Sanitation To Rural India

According to WaterAid, a global advocacy group on water and sanitation, India has more than 63 million people that do not have access to clean drinking water, more than any other country in the world RBL Bank, one of India’s fastest growing Banks, in partnership with AquaKraft announced that it would provide Water ATMs (aquatm’s) across 20 rural branches spread across Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.
The aquatm’s will have a capacity of 500 to 1000 litres per day and will vend water at the IRCTC approved rates of Re 1/- for 300 ml, Rs.
3/- per litre & Rs.
5/- per litre.
The filtration process uses green technology leading to no wastage of water (unlike Reverse Osmosis) and works on gravity with very limited use of electricity.
These aquatm’s will be operated and managed by Women Entrepreneurs/SHGs / Youth Clubs and will be delivered in clay bottles instead of plastic in line with the green infrastructure project outlined by the Government of India.
Under this partnership, RBL Bank will provide access to the Water ATMs at each of the identified branches while Aquakraft will implement the initiative.
This innovation from Aquakraft of creating sustainable drinking water infrastructure across identified locations to leveraging the rural women to manage the same leading to livelihood creation is a compelling reason for us to enter into this partnership.
This will further create a positive impact on the lives of rural women who have to travel miles to have clean and safe drinking water.” “This is not just a mere CSR initiative, but a long-term integrated social development partnership.
We were very impressed by the focused approach of RBL Bank to make a difference to lives of women by emancipating them with their basic needs and hence structured this model.

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