READ: How Prisons Are Affected By Climate Change

READ: How Prisons Are Affected By Climate Change.
It states: [T]he toxic impact of prisons extends far beyond any individual prison, or any specific region in the United States.
Across the country, federal environmental violations are abundant state by state.
Another spill occurred in 2008, again in 2014—and yet again in 2015 and in January of this year.
Or the water they drink is contaminated with arsenic or lead.
In the Southwest, where summer temperatures can be extreme, a metal bedframe can become dangerous if a facility lacks proper air conditioning.
As in California, 2011 was a deadly year in Texas prisons.
We lay in the water, put the sheet over us while blowing the fan under the sheet, to keep the body temps down.” The Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s solution during periods of extreme heat was to tell Pack Unit prisoners to simply drink more water, recommending up to two gallons of water a day on extremely hot days.
The prisoners drank thousands of gallons of the arsenic-tainted water for more than 10 years before a federal judge ordered TDCJ to truck in clean water for the prisoners last year.
The report takes the reader into the lives of several prisoners and the various health impacts these conditions have had on their lives.

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