Recent WASH research – August 30, 2017

Recent WASH research – August 30, 2017.
This systematic review shows which promotional approaches are effective in changing handwashing and sanitation behaviour and which implementation factors affect the success or failure of such interventions.
Promoting latrine use in India, August 2017.
The major barriers to use appear to be poor latrine quality and certain inhibiting knowledge, attitudes and practices (e.g. perceived convenience and pleasure of open defecation, despite knowing the health consequences).
Others Multipathway Quantitative Assessment of Exposure to Fecal Contamination for Young Children in Low-Income Urban Environments in Accra, Ghana: The SaniPath Analytical Approach.
Clean and Green: a new implementation framework for sustainable rural sanitation.
Clean and Green is the first rural sanitation implementation framework that explicitly addresses efficient local resource management, including waste reuse, in parallel with sanitation and hygiene promotion.
This report shows that achieving water security means much more than coping with water scarcity.
It means managing water resources in a sustainable, efficient, and equitable way.
Environmental Research, October 2017.

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