REPORT: Nearly One in Four Americans’ Drinking Water Comes from Untested or Contaminated Systems

REPORT: Nearly One in Four Americans’ Drinking Water Comes from Untested or Contaminated Systems.
“America is facing a nationwide drinking water crisis that goes well beyond lead contamination,” said Erik Olson, Health Program Director at NRDC and a report co-author.
We take it for granted that when we turn on our kitchen tap, the water will be safe and healthy, but we have a long way to go before that is reality across our country.” “Threats on Tap: Widespread Violations Highlight Need for Investment in Water Infrastructure and Protections” found nearly 80,000 violations impacting drinking water systems in every state, but under-reporting and lax enforcement could mean the number of violations is much higher.
Trump’s Cuts to EPA’s Budget Would Make it Worse for Rural America President Trump’s proposed budget for the EPA would make our failing drinking water system worse.
NRDC’s report shows that even at its current level of funding, the EPA and states are doing an inadequate job of monitoring, testing, and enforcing safe drinking water laws.
The Trump budget also proposes to eliminate all $498 million dollars in funding for rural drinking water and wastewater systems from the Department of Agriculture.
Small systems have the highest percentage of water violations, and it’s largely due to financial and technical capacity issues that will only get worse when the EPA cuts drinking water programs,” said Mae Wu, Senior Attorney with NRDC’s Health program.
Beyond regulated contaminants, which are the focus of this report, many more unregulated contaminants are also found in drinking water.
The EPA has not set a single standard for a new drinking water contaminant since the law was amended in 1996 to change the way new contaminants are regulated.
Safeguarding our Tap Water Investing and improving infrastructure and enforcing the drinking water laws are solutions that will make a difference.

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