Residents complain about water in Lehigh County community

Video BREINIGSVILLE, Pa. – Some residents at a mobile home park in Breinigsville say all they want is clean water, something they say they haven’t had for nearly a month.
Residents say the water is so polluted they can’t bathe in it or even wash their dishes and it’s been this way since water lines froze nearly a month ago at the Green Acres Mobile Home Park.
On Monday night members of the park met to discuss the situation; pictures of brown water coming out of one resident’s bathtub and kitchen sink were shown.
Managers of the property say a boil water advisory was issued in November and then again in the beginning of January.
People say even after boiling the water you still see large lime scale floating on the top of the water making it unsafe to drink or even bathe.
Management at Green Acres say they did give complimentary water to residents.
A written statement goes on to say, "We are working with the Department of Environmental Protection to remove the precautionary boil water notice and in the meantime we continue to offer bottled water to all residents."
"They gave us water one time and they gave us a couple of gallons and they have never offered us water since," countered Dawn Sanderlin.
Residents say the last time the received water was on January 9, 2018, and it was just one gallon per person.

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