Residents complain of water contamination

originally posted on April 20, 2016


It has been one month since residents of Srinivasapuram in Old Washermenpet have been facing the problem of contaminated water flowing through their taps.

“One day the water is all clear and the next, it is muddy and has a foul smell. After one hour, the whole water supply stops,” says A. Selvi, a homemaker and resident of Srinivasapuram.

“It is proving to be extremely difficult to survive this way,” she said.

M. Vasanthi, a lab technician student, said that she would fill up at least eight pots of water when clean water flowed through the pipes and would save it for the next day. “We are a family of six and we have been depending a lot on can water,” she said.

“This is the situation everywhere on this street,” she said.

Residents say that around 1,000 families were living on Second Street, Srinivasapuram, and all of them faced the problem. They also stated that despite several complaints to the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) officials, no proper action had been taken so far.

“An official came once and checked. He said there was a leak from the drainage line. It became alright then but the problem recurred later,” Selvi said.

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