Residents of Mount Tumpeng see the benefits of piped safe water

Before PDAM Batang provided piped water to the residents of Mount Tumpeng, Malekah, Sumiyati, and Sungkono used to plan their days around collecting water.
"After washing clothes, we also take a bath.
This is normal around here, "she said.
Sumiyati and her husband rode their motorcycle approximately 4 kilometers to the river to collect drinking and cooking water.
When the river water turns muddy during the drought, he too would have to look for water too.
"This program is very helpful for PDAM Batang to help people who need clean water.
It is not cheap to connect pipelines into challenging geographic areas like Mount Tumpeng,” explains Director of PDAM Batang, Yulianto.
Through WaterConnect program, PDAM provides affordable loans to get access to clean water through a pipeline network managed by PDAM Batang.
Residents can take loan facility up to IDR 600,000 for six months and 0% interest repayment term.
Sumiyati and Sungkono does not feel itchy anymore, because now they can have clean water flowing directly into their house.

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