Residents’ well water contaminated by septic failure at Bean Station slaughterhouse

BEAN STATION, Tenn. (WATE) – Families near a slaughterhouse in Bean Station are using bottled water after their well water was contaminated by coliform and E.coli.
Dean Taylor is one of the people in Bean Station who received bottled water from the state on March 2.
It says there had been a failure of the septic system at Southeastern Provision, a slaughterhouse, not far from Taylor’s home.
"Said that there been a catastrophic water contamination from the slaughterhouse up the road here," said Taylor.
As a result, water resource inspectors checked the septic system at Southeastern Provision.
The contaminated water had flowed downhill to Taylor’s home and others.
The state’s order to Southeastern Provision was swift: shut down its underground wastewater system.
"At this time they have shut off all flow to their subsurface system and are hauling all their waste offsite to a treatment facility," said Atchley.
Hipsher shut down his well.
The state has suggested to Dean Taylor since his well water is contaminated he should consider hooking up to city water.

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