Robert Kennedy Jr: ‘Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) Are Destroying Democracy’

Robert Kennedy Jr: ‘Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) Are Destroying Democracy’.
The transcript is as follows: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Emerson Urry: The military is the biggest [water] polluter in the country.
And then, as you point out, the second biggest polluter are factory farms — are CAFOs.
And in terms of water pollution, they are destroying the water supplies of our country.
Those are concentrated animal feed operations, but the real description of them is factory farms.
They have to corrupt public officials in order to get away with dumping their waste into our waterways.
They destroy family farms.
You’re seeing the occupation of the American landscapes by giant corporations.
It’s why he didn’t want to give corporate charters, because he said: American democracy can only function if it’s rooted in tens of thousands of independents freeholds, owned by family farmers, each with a stake in our system of government.
You know, if you get rid of that diverse control of the landscapes, American democracy is doomed.

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