Robinson residents await testing results

Courtesy photo 1 / 1 Dawn-Marie Stevens and her family are stocked up on water in bottles and jugs, which they and their pets are drinking while they wait to see if nearby homes in Robinson Township are contaminated with PFAS.
Officials were helpful, Barlow said, but they did not have all the answers.
“They’re looking for answers.” Barlow, a president of the Parent-Teacher Association at Robinson Elementary School for seven years, said she and her family switched to bottled water when the initial results were released Oct. 29.
While the school was immediately supplied with bottled water for drinking and cooking, many township residents have also switched to bottled water at home to avoid drinking their well water.
“There’s always something new you can test for.
He said it took less than a week to receive the results, which found no traces of PFAS, and cost him $275.
“I am responsible for my family’s well-being.” Wagenmaker, who is married with five children, has lived on the Robinson Township property for almost 20 years.
“I can see if you had water that was contaminated and an entity that was found to be responsible, they should be held responsible to the extent that they had knowledge,” he said.
Michigan is in the midst of a statewide study of PFAS, which led to the discovery at the Robinson Township school.
“Nobody’s given anybody clear-cut answers of what the next course of action is going to be if this is found in the few homes that they did test,” Stevens said.

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