Runner aims to raise awareness of clean water issue in Canada

Runner aims to raise awareness of clean water issue in Canada.
It was at a social gathering more than a year ago that nursing school graduate Hasan Syed came to a shocking revelation of the clean drinking water problem that still plagues Canada.
“When you think of Canada, you don’t think a problem like having access to a clean water would exist here.
They then started a campaign that would have him run from Vancouver to Ottawa – spanning roughly 4,500 kilometres — to bring awareness of the ongoing water crisis in First Nations.
“I did about 24 kilometres that day – literally went from zero to 24,” Syed said, of the campaign’s start.
He said he was “in pain” and couldn’t walk properly for hours.
Syed now drives from city to city and runs – and walks – in the community, still aiming to hit the 4,500-kilometre goal.
Marie stop at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion on Sunday, as he waited for people to join him on a three-kilometre run, Syed told The Sault Start that next to the physical challenges, trying to maintain positivity is a tough task.
Sault native Ruth Galinis was one of them.
Syed’s next stop is Sudbury.

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