S&WB aims to fight boil advisories with ‘Water Hammer Project’

NEW ORLEANS – The Sewerage & Water Board is taking steps to prevent boil water advisories in New Orleans.
The S&WB will close a 48-inch water line to install piping as part of the $50 million Water Hammer Project.
The Water Hammer Project is meant to provide the city with a constant water supply in the event water pressure drops, forcing the city to issue a boil water advisory.
The project includes two new 200-foot tall water tanks that will hold 4 million gallons of water at the Carrollton Water Purification Plant.
Those towers can keep water pressure up for 40 minutes while providing continuous water service to the city if the power goes out, according to the S&WB.
The work will take place from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 and will include a controlled closure with S&WB employees constantly monitoring water pressure, according to the S&WB.
If there are any changes to your water during the construction, contact the S&WB at 504-529-2837.

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