Sacramento Man Evacuating From Flood Risk Hit With Drought Warning

Sacramento Man Evacuating From Flood Risk Hit With Drought Warning.
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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man tells CBS13 that as he was evacuating out of concerns of flooding, the city of Sacramento hit him with a drought violation for wasting water.
Sacramento remains in a State 2 water shortage, and the utilities department hasn’t stopped its enforcement of drought violators.
Those patrols started in 2014 and the city says they won’t stop until the state declares the drought is over.
On the day that violation came, Zumalt says he was busy preparing for a flood.
During a historically wet winter following a five-year drought, Zumalt is one of hundreds in Sacramento who have violated the city’s strict water conservation rules that are still in place.
A city spokesperson issued a statement reading: Utilities is waiting to change our water storage condition until the governor rescinds the drought declaration.
We are following our mandate.
Zumalt was not fined, only issued a warning.

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