San Marcos Drinking Water Fails Contamination Standards

by Max Gorden, originally posted on May 2, 2016


SAN MARCOS–Drinking water in one section of San Marcos recently violated state contamination standards.

The high levels of contamination were found at a sampling station at 2700 Centerpoint Road. City officials said the sampling station is one of the farthest from the San Marcos Water Treatment plant, which might have been a reason for the contamination.​ However, Assistant Director of Public Service-Water and Waste Water Division Jon Clack said the public was never at risk and the water was always safe to drink.

“This isn’t an immediate health concern,” Clack said. “These types of byproducts, if they’re in the water for extended, you know, many many years, you know, at high levels, that’s where the concern is.”

But San Marcos resident Jacob Honrud said the high levels of contaminants worried him. Honrud lives near the affected sampling station, and has a one-year-old baby boy in the house.

“Since he drinks that water and bathes in it, it’s a big concern of mine,” Honrud said. “Water is very important. It’s a life source.”

About 300 other customers around 2700 Centerpoint Road were also affected by the contaminants, caused by compounds created by organic matter and chlorine in the water. To fix the problem, city officials say they will install a flush valve in the area, increasing water flow and decreasing contaminant build-up.  There will be another state-mandated water test sometime in the next few months. ​

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