Saving marine lives

Saving marine lives.
Quentin Job, managing director of Pernod Ricard (Thailand) recently led his team of executives and employees in cleaning up a beach near Pattaya as part of the company’s “Pernod Ricard Responsib’All Day”.
The Thai team headed to the Bang Lamung seaside community in Chon Buri province.
The area is adjacent to Pattaya and is constantly choked by the garbage chucked on the beach and into the sea by visitors to Pattaya, which causes environmental issues and ecological deterioration.
A lack of systematic waste management also results in untreated garbage and water contamination, which affects marine animals.
So Pernod Ricard Thailand joined forces with Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), the Department of Fisheries, Bang Lamung Municipality, and the community in cleaned up the beach to reduce the amount of garbage.
Bang Lamung sheriff Naris Niramaiwong extended his appreciation to the team, saying: “I am honoured to welcome everyone and would like to thank them for taking the time to improve our community.
This area is adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, and we have many visitors.
We have a learning centre where visitors and the general public can learn about shrimp and crab farming, and we have a crab roe bank, where we keep mother crabs before releasing them back to the sea to save them from being caught or sold.
Today, water pollution and garbage greatly affect our community and the marine lives in our ocean.

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