Sea Turtle Advocates Explain How to Help Turtles in Need

Sea Turtle Advocates Explain How to Help Turtles in Need.
She shared the stories and conditions of sea turtles too far gone to save in rehabilitation.
Several people attended because they said they feel protective of the environment.
She said she felt inspired by the park system’s drop-in talks.
“It makes you more aware of the wild nature right here on our doorstep.” George Unuch said it was helpful to inform people about sea turtle protection.
“A lot of people go to Sandy Hook and would not know what to do,” he said, referring to what people should do if they found them.
Due to the Northeast’s common issue of overcrowded marine life facilities, Biehl and fellow co-executive officer Bill Deerr requested a permit to create their own long-term care facility in New Jersey.
Eventually, the group found refuge at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, New Jersey in 2016.
This location provided STR with a million-dollar facility that prioritizes rehabilitation for sick and injured sea turtles.
The team encouraged residents to come out and visit STR’s facility at the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo, as well as follow its Facebook page, Sea Turtle Recovery.

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