Several Ramseur Homes Under Boil Water Advisory

originally posted on December 5, 2016


RANDOLPH COUNTY — Several homes in Ramseur are still without water or are under a boil water advisory as of Monday.

This comes after a water line burst on Columbia Avenue last Thursday.

Crews turned off the water supply to homes on Cox Street, Oak Street and Shady Drive off of Columbia Avenue for several hours to repair the pipe.

After the water is turned back on later Monday, those homes will have to boil their water before they use it for up to 48 hours.

“It would have to be boiled for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, anything in that effect. Not saying that there is anything wrong with the water, but it is just a precautionary that we take until we get the test results back,” said Mayor Pro Tem Grant Cheek.

City officials will contact homeowners once they lift the boil water advisory.

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