Sewage-mixed water spreading diseases

SIALKOT-The District Health Authority and the Public Health Engineering Department declared the water being supplied by Municipal Corporation in Sialkot city as unhygienic and contaminated.
After conducting tests of the water , both the departments said the Sialkot Municipal Corporation was providing unhygienic water to the local people.
The officials said that these underground water pipelines were about 60 years old and rusting from everywhere, broken and damaged.
However, the Corporation officials admitted the underground water pipelines were damaged.
The health officials revealed that the people of Sialkot city have rapidly become the victims of water-borne diseases (WBDs) due to the use of unhygienic drinking water .
A large number of patients including women and children are being admitted to several government and private hospitals and clinics in Sialkot city.
The official sources in Sialkot health department confirmed that the number of the WBDs patients was rising day by day in the government and private hospitals and the situation now has become alarming.
They said that the major cause behind the water contamination is underground junction of the rusted and broken pipelines and sewerage lines at various spots.
Most of affected union councils in Sialkot city are Mianapura, Model Town, Muzaffarpura, Imam Sahib, Karimpura, Hajipura, Ghouspura, Naikapura, Muhammadpura, Shahabpura, Roras Road, Gulshan Town, Pakka Garha, Muhallah Chah Tarkhaana and Muhallah Kashmiriyaan.
They said that the 600 feet deep water boring system is also direly needed to ensure the provision of potable water .

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