Shellfish beds opened, stream advisories lifted as water quality improves

Shellfish beds opened, stream advisories lifted as water quality improves.
Kitsap Public Health District has lifted health advisories for three streams in the county after water samples showed reduced levels of bacteria.
The state Department of Health also approved 57 acres of shellfish beds near Indianola for commercial harvest in a report published this week, a sign of improving environmental health in the area.
Failing septic systems, leaking sewage pipes, and pet and wildlife poop are common culprits.
Stream advisories lifted The health district lifted health advisories this year for Barrantes, Bear and Karcher creeks, three streams that previously had elevated levels of bacteria.
“All of them are fairly small streams, so any significant source of bacteria can make the concentration in the stream higher much more quickly,” Ultican said.
Sources of pollution were different in each stream.
Ultican said chemical analysis of water samples from Little Scandia suggests wildlife waste is the source of high bacteria levels in the stream.
The Department of Health report approving the Indianola shellfish beds cited the health district’s success identifying and correcting failing septic systems in the area.
Kiess said the state is expected to approve more than 600 acres of shellfish beds in Liberty Bay for harvest in the near future, based on improved water quality.

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