Shen crews repair New Year’s Eve water main break

(Shenandoah) — This stretch of extreme cold weather isn’t doing infrastructure in KMAland any favors.
Eight residences in Clarinda were impacted by a broken water main near the intersection of Logan Court and Eiler Lane Monday morning.
While city crews made the repairs, a boil advisory was issued for the houses affected on Logan Court until further notice.
Shenandoah city crews also began 2018 by repairing a water main break near the intersection of U.S. Highway 59 and West Valley Avenue.
Davey attributes the broken main to sub-zero temperatures.
Davey says the age of the city’s infrastructure is another concern.
That why he recommends a few steps to protect your pipes from the cold.
"They can protect their personal piping, as well," said Davey.
"You can sometimes have a faucet drip to help keep the water flowing, so they don’t freeze up, and opening your cupboards to allow additional heat to also get to your pipes.
If you’ve got a basement, it doesn’t hurt to put an additional heater down there to increase the temperature.

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