Shops charge £8 for bottled water as homes run dry in south London after the big freeze

SHOPOWNERS are charging £8 for a bottle of water as taps continue to run dry in thousands of homes.
Residents spotted the rip-off prices in corner stores cashing in on the crisis.
PR boss Mark Sands, who was shopping in Streatham, South London, said: “Day four with no running water and retailers selling five-litre bottles for £8 last night.
PA:Press Association It’s hugely annoying.” A five-litre bottle can sell for as little as £1 in supermarkets.
But one defiant shopkeeper defended the hike.
He added: “I’ve had to pay £20 to go in a taxi to get bottles from wholesalers, it sells out so fast.
People are desperate and that money has to come from somewhere.” Homes began running dry at the weekend when the thaw from the big freeze burst pipes across the South.
Yesterday water firms were warned they face a multi-million-pound compensation bill.
Industry regulator OFWAT said the companies had failed customers and ordered an urgent probe.
Thames Water, South East Water, Southern Water and South West Water were all criticised.

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