Silent leaks add up

Incentives help motivate existing homeowners to buy water-efficient appliances and save more water.
It’s not just toilets that have improved.
Phyn Plus detects leaks and notifies the homeowner of a leak immediately.
Implementing these types of technologies will change our acceptance of silent leaks.
A silent leak doesn’t cost a ton of money but a large water leak costs an average of $9,000, per the insurance industry.
In a recent conversation, a local plumber said he had two projects caused by water leaks.
Just this one device in every home within the City of Santa Fe could potentially reduce our overall water use by up to five gallons per person per day.
Conserving water is up to each and everyone of us.
Regulations, incentives and outreach are all important, but so is incorporating the adoption of leading water saving technologies that work makes good economic and environmental sense in our part of the world.
He is a member of the Santa Fe Water Conservation Committee, a lifetime member of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, and an EPA WaterSense Partner.

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