Snowshoe Residents Get Temporarary Relief From Water Crisis With 1,600 Cases Of Bottled Water

View Slideshow 1 of 4 Residents in the Snowshoe area received 1,600 cases of free bottled water on Friday as a temporary relief from their water crisis.
For weeks, their water has looked, smelled and tasted abnormal.
"Yes, everybody is having the same problem," said Sharon Nilson, the EMS chief and a Snowshoe resident.
We have some people live up on Fountain Road that have no water pressure whatsoever.” Each household got two cases of bottled water donated by Nestle.
Students and faculty from the Bald Eagle Area High School volunteered to help distribute the water.
“We cannot pump enough water because our sources can’t," Yost said.
"We have leaks so it’s draining our tanks faster.
Yost said his office is working with the state Department of Environmental Protection and the State College Borough Water Authority to detect and fix the leaks.
"We tried to look for a new water source two or three years ago," he said.
"At the time, it would cost $1.7 million and we didn’t have the money.

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