Socialists say capitalism kills. They’re lying.

For another, if these death statistics are accurate at all, they are not attributable to capitalism.
It is important to note that these numbers do not include all deaths, and in particular, do not include deaths due to unsafe drinking water, hunger or disease.
One cannot draw any conclusion from these numbers one way or the other, except perhaps that our socialist meme-makers could not find crimes against civilians under capitalist regimes that measure up to the crimes committed against populations living under socialism or communism.
The correlation between access to clean water and economic freedom is 49%.
Of the 46 countries that score a perfect 100% for access to clean drinking water, 38 are in the top half of the economic freedom charts, and 27 are in the top quartile.
Still, the correlation between high hunger levels and low economic freedom is 37%, which is statistically very significant with p<0.1%.
Economic Freedom Ranking Severe hunger Alarming hunger Top quartile 1 0 Second quartile 9 1 Third quartile 13 3 Bottom quartile 23 3 It is evident that hunger is also correlated with a lack of economic freedom, which means that attributing hunger deaths to free markets is equally dishonest.
There are 157 countries which have both a WHO death rate and an EFI score.
The correlation between high death rates and low economic freedom is 53%, which is even more statistically significant than either the hunger or unsafe water association, with p<0.01%.
Economic Freedom Ranking Top 40 (lowest death rate) Bottom 40 (highest death rate) Top quartile 25 0 Second quartile 10 8 Third quartile 3 8 Bottom quartile 1 23 This shows that deaths due to injury or disease are once again correlated with a lack of economic freedom.

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