Soil Pollution: The Cause and Effect of Contaminants in our Earth

Soil Pollution: The Cause and Effect of Contaminants in our Earth.
Plastic waste and chemicals contaminate our waters.
Soil Pollution First off, what is soil pollution?
Soil pollution differs slightly from land pollution because while they are affected in some of the same ways by the same contaminates, soil pollution focuses solely on the soil.
Of course it is not just the chemical contaminants in the pesticides that is causing soil pollution, nitrogen rich fertilizers, and untreated manure also have adverse effects on the soil.
Impacts of Soil Pollution on the Environment Soil pollution can be a contributing factor to other forms of pollution like air and water.
Effects of Soil Pollution Pollution of the Earth’s soil can have many harmful effects on ecosystems and the health of humans, plants and animals.
Effects of Soil Pollution on Humans Many common soil pollutants are also carcinogenic to humans.
Even though lead and mercury can be found naturally in the ground, human activity can lead to dangerous concentrations of the heavy metals which can lead to neurological problems in children and adults.
Effects of Soil Pollution on Plant Life With the already harmful effects of heavy metals on human health, they also have a very harmful effect on the soil itself.

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