Solar projects have advantages over other development

Solar projects have advantages over other development.
Unlike every other type of residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial development that I can think of, solar arrays are unique in asking municipalities for nothing while providing significant community benefits.
Solar arrays, once installed, ask for nothing from public or community services: •No municipal services required — no fire, ambulance, snow plowing, water or sewer use, police and emergency services, landfill use, health or social services.
•No increase of traffic or road use.
•No pollution to cleanup — panels provide clean energy without pollution from dust, air emissions, carbon emissions or water pollution.
•No waste disposal, no garbage.
•No noise; they are completely silent (except for sheep baa-ing).
Solar arrays: •Increase tax payments to schools, fire, town, county and ambulance services.
•If they are Community Solar projects, residents and commercial businesses can save money by purchasing power through the project.
•Offer long-term use of land — operations go for 25 years or more (can’t move operation to another location).

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