Somalia, drought and hunger: it’s time to end the cycle

As they gather together in London today, as well as in the months ahead, governments and leaders from around the world must take urgent action to avert a catastrophe in Somalia.
The future looks promising, but all of this could be derailed if we do not work together to consign hunger to Somalia’s history.
In Somalia this prompted a response, led by UK Aid, which saved millions of lives and kept famine at bay.
Despite the generosity of the UK public, timely action from donors, governments and NGOs, and the cooperation and pragmatism of the Federal Government of Somalia, more than five million people are still in need of urgent assistance.
For Suweys and millions of Somali children, humanitarian assistance is the difference between life and death.
Last year, Save the Children reached hundreds of thousands of children and their families.
Along with our partners, we need to reach at least the same number again this year.
Leadership is required to invest in these solutions in Somalia, alongside urgent humanitarian assistance.
The World Bank’s International Development Assistance (IDA) contains precisely the level of resource required to build safety nets, resilience and drought response mechanisms – and to keep famine at bay.
By building on this progress, we can save countless lives now – and deliver a safer, healthier and more prosperous Somali future.

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