Some in Norton dealing with brown water

by Stephen Peterson, originally posted on June 29, 2016


NORTON — Got brown water?

The town has been hit with several water main breaks the past few weeks, discoloring water.

Abnormally brown, discolored water has been reported in several areas of town, officials say.

There have been breaks at Wheaton College and Woodlawn Meadows — the public housing complex for seniors off West Main Street (Route 123) near the center of town.

Also, the need to install a temporary water main for the Plain Street bridge reconstruction project was another cause for the discolored water, officials said.

Low-flow fire hydrant flushing was conducted to help clear the water in areas known to be affected, officials said.

If you are experiencing abnormally brown water, call the water department at 508-285-0282 so a crew can schedule hydrant flushing at your location.

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