South Dakota drought shows far-reaching consequences

South Dakota drought shows far-reaching consequences.
(AP) — The ripple effects of a drought in South Dakota where agriculture is the state’s number one industry are widespread.
Data shows that nearly every part of South Dakota is classified as "abnormally dry," the Argus Leader reported .
A sales tax hike last year forced South Dakota farmers to hold off on the kinds of large purchases that fill state coffers.
The drought also means potentially fewer birds for hunters and less tourism money for counties relying on it through the winter.
"We know that there are some impacts already that will carry through the rest of the summer," Edwards said.
Steve Halverson, a farmer near Kennebec, said he’s had less than six inches of rain this year.
"In this part of the state, we’re used to it being a little drier, but this is something else," he said.
Cattle breeder Peggy Bieber said she sees the farm community in the Midwest pulling together to get by, especially with states like Iowa and Minnesota faring well with agriculture this summer.

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