Squid sniffs out a Marina mystery, a la Ghostbuster.

Squid sniffs out a Marina mystery, a la Ghostbuster..
Ghostly Stink…Squid isn’t sure whether to believe in ghosts or not, but Squid knows there are some so-called “experts” with all sorts “knowledge” and electronic equipment that detect the faintest hint of paranormal activity.
But Squid bets that even those pros couldn’t communicate or confirm the origin story of an unseeable stench haunting Marina, which Squid first reported in April.
That job is better left to stink detective and mayor, Bruce Delgado, who is slowly trying to solve the mystery of what dealt the big stink.
Those agencies analyzed the data alongside wind direction, confirming that one of the likely suspects, MRWMD’s landfill, wasn’t the culprit.
The landfill is located in the northeast.
Combined with data on time and day and wind direction, MRWMD exonerated the landfill.
MRWMD, did, however, decide to double down on its own stench, spending $50,000 on projects including draining and treating the water from two stormwater ponds.
And the next step in the Marina mystery: hiring an odor consultant, possibly from the Monterey Bay Air Resources District.
“They’re like the Ghostbustersfor odor,” Delgado says.

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