SSO Solution Reduces Force Main Pressure

SSO Solution Reduces Force Main Pressure.
One possible option was to completely revamp and upgrade a number of pump stations with new pumps, piping and the necessary control equipment to address increased flow and pressures.
Another option considered was to install a pressure reducing station (PRS) along the sewer force main system to reduce system pressures and thus increase capacity.
The Godwin DBS offered pumping equipment to provide additional capacity to handle wet weather flows and pressures and to minimize issues with SSOs during these events.
The HRSD design engineer provided design specifications to the Xylem team, and Xylem recommended two Godwin diesel-driven, critically silenced CD500M pumps with Final Tier 4 low-emission engines.
Given the historic sensitivities of neighboring Colonial Williamsburg, the pumps and fuel cubes were also customized to a specific color (Weathered Bark) to comply with county requirements.
A Customized Solution Xylem engineers customized the Godwin Advanced PrimeGuard Controller to tie into the HRSD supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, to activate and control the pumps via local pressure readings.
The Xylem team engineered a solution for HRSD that allowed the Godwin DBS pump to automatically maintain a specific designed suction pressure setting by ramping the diesel engine up and down based on measured suction pressure levels.
Given the possibility for cold weather in its Virginia locale, HRSD required the system to be weatherized.
Long-Term Care Xylem customized the Godwin Advanced PrimeGuard Controller to address multiple HRSD requirements, including a tie-in to the HRSD network SCADA system.

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