Standing up for Parker Wetlands

Standing up for Parker Wetlands.
Some concerned citizens are standing up for the Parker Wetlands despite developer Gem Equities having plans to bulldoze part of the area and develop residential buildings on the site.
There were reports that Gem Equities, which owns the land, would be bulldozing the wetland on Saturday to begin the development of the site.
But according to a Gem Equities Development Document for the project, the development does not require approval under the Manitoba Environment Act or the Canadian Environment Assessment Act to proceed, as the size and type of development do not fall under the Provincial Classes of Development.
“It’s a wetland and a forest, and trees help purify our air, and wetlands filter out water pollution,” said Jessica Woolford, a Fort Garry resident.
This is a significant space for people to find refuge from the built environment, for people to find refuge from the noise of the city, the business of everyday life, and for so many creatures that live here.” Cal Dueck of the Parker Wetlands Conservation Committee is concerned in part because of the threat this poses to some endangered bird species that are believed to live in the wetland.
While preserving endangered species is important, several residents noted that it’s not just them being endangered here, It’s the space itself and all of the creatures that call it home.
“Whether the creatures are rare or not is maybe not the focus we should have,” said Woolford.
“The focus is that the creatures here increasingly don’t have space.
Just a deer or a frog is something exciting.”

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