Students learn about water quality in southwest Tulare County

Previously, Arroyo said he and his family would allow his home’s garden hose to run freely.
“I didn’t care.” More recently, Arroyo said he is more careful.
During the program’s first two weeks, Arroyo said he has learned a lot about water use and contamination in southwest Tulare County.
Arroyo is one of 13 students participating in the four-week program.
“We should help the community,” she said.
“I didn’t know about water quality.” Perez, who recently graduated from Alpaugh High School, said she is already using the knowledge she is picking up while participating in the program.
Hansen said the program is a good way for local students to become aware of water issues in the community they live in.
“Just because we are not a rich community, it doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to have clean water.” Felipe Florez, another student participating in the program, said he’s concern about the contaminants in the water he and his family use.
“I want to make changes.” Mathis shared the same message, asking the students to become active in community issues.
Water is everything.” Asked if the issue of contaminated water could be solved, Mathis said he sees things happening.

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