Students return to school amid water concerns

originally posted on  May 23, 2016


VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP) Students return to school, in Vienna, with a few changes in place following a one day break due to water safety concerns.

Before allowing students to come back, Wood County Administration wanted to be sure that all schools had gallons of water on hand Monday morning to cook, to wash food, and to clean equipment with.
Administrators came up with a way to make sure students would not be able to drink any water from the fountains or faucets.

Hollie Best, a child nutrition director, said, “Actually we met as a group on Thursday afternoon as well as on Friday to look at all areas where children may have access to drinking water and the water fountain is a very easy access, and something you don’t think of on a day to day basis because it may just be a habit or a ritual to grab water out of it so yes, we did choose to cover up the water fountains.”

The water faucets are also out of use in the restrooms.
Children are given hand sanitizer and wipes to wash their hands.

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